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Author: Worldsmyths

Written in the Wind Indiegogo Campaign

The next Worldsmyths Indiegogo campaign has begun! Written in the Wind is the fourth Worldsmyths anthology, set to be released in spring 2023.

Any support you can give is amazing and greatly appreciated, whether it’s a like or share on social media or word of mouth. This campaign will help get stories of new authors out into the world.

Written in the Wind will be our FOURTH anthology, and I am excited to once more begin the process of writing a story for it and putting our next book out into the world!  

Support Written in the Wind

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Seasons Unceasing Now Available!

Days come, and days go. Time is a snake eating
its own tail, and all things have their end. Explore the contradictions
of life and time in this speculative fiction anthology featuring
upcoming authors. Find love in unexpected places or test the limits of
your sense of duty. Follow a witch as she seeks to discover her purpose,
and watch as a man faces the hungry wolves of winter – and his own

Worldsmyths Publishing is a non-profit organization
with the charitable goal to help new writers navigate the confusions
waters of publication. Join the community on Discord to gain access to
members-only publishing opportunities like Seasons Unceasing.

With a rating of 4.4 on Goodreads, people are loving Seasons Unceasing! See below for a selection of reviews.

Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BQJRG852

Smashwords – https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1184594

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/63249044-seasons-unceasing

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Worldsmyths November Update

Did you know?
Worldsmyths Publishing is a Non-Profit! Our goal is to help upcoming writers grow their skills and business by providing a supportive, informative community. Members of our community, housed on Discord, get access to critique channels, author support services (help setting up your website, mailing list, etc), and several members-only publishing opportunities a year.
Worldsmyths Monthly Writing Challenge
Every month Worldsmyths posts prompts and challenges our members to write a story including at least one of them.

Want to participate? Join our Discord server to submit your story and earn points that can be used on our points store! Month: November
Sentence Prompts:

‘Each person has a fixed amount of luck in your life, and today’s events just used it all up.’
‘You would give anything to have a second chance at life, absolutely anything’
: Unreliable Narrator
Wild Card:
Empty Bottle
: @Rybrari on Twitter
Anthology Updates
Our publishing business is chugging along, and we have the following updates for you.

Seasons Unceasing – Line Editing Underway

The authors have been sent their line edits and have until November 15th to return them. After that our editor will proofread the manuscript, and we are that much closer to publication!

Submissions Open – Members-Only Publishing Opportunity

Join the Worldsmyths Discord server to gain access to the Sugar & Spice call for submissions. We are soliciting 3-5 stories each on the themes of platonic love, sweet romance, and spicy romance. 

ARC Readers Wanted
Watch our social media for the official call for Advanced Readers! We will be providing free eBook copies to reviewers in exchange for an honest review. Interested in participating? Reply to this email to get on the mailing list!
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Seasons Unceasing Authors Selected!

The competition was fierce, but the four editors have made their selections for the upcoming Seasons Unceasing anthology, set to be released this fall! Congratulations to everyone who was accepted!

Moving forward, the editors will begin leaving their developmental feedback comments on each of the selected stories.

Be on the look out for more updates on our third anthology through our website and social media!

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Darkness & Moonlight ARC search!

Worldsmyths is looking for ARC readers for our upcoming short story anthology Darkness & Moonlight: A Worldsmyths Anthology, releasing on June 18th. Here is the blurb:

Trickster fairies and deceptive lovers. Foul betrayal and brutal murders. Stolen moons and monstrous beasts. The stories within these pages take place during darkest midnight and under the ethereal light of the moon.

Darkness & Moonlight is a Speculative Fiction anthology featuring the works of the members of the Worldsmyths writing community. This international group of authors has come together to explore what dangers lurk under the cover of darkness.

Discover your new favourite author today! Featuring the works of Freya Bell, Ally Kelly, Odessa Silver, Michael A. Epanchin, Kiran Lamoureux and more!

What Is An ARC Reader?

An ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) is an advanced copy of an eBook or physical copy that a volunteer receives for free. They then leave a review on websites such as Amazon and Goodreads before the launch date of the book.

Deadline: June 17th, 2022 by 11:59 PM EST
Format: eBook or physical copy
Reviewing: We’re looking for anyone willing to leave reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and any social media websites (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc)

Expect to receive the book by May 15th.

If you have any questions, DM us on our social media or e-mail us at publishing@worldsmyths.com

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2022 Indiegogo Campaign

We’ve officially launched our 2022 Indeigogo campaign! This year we are excited to offer a wide selection of perks!

Green Tea Bundle

What goes better with books than TEA?! We have three different kinds of tea bundles this year, all of which include acknowledgment and thanks in the next anthology, as well as a Worldsmyths branded mug! Alternatively, you can order just the tea or just the mug! We have three different tea bundles – green tea, fruit tea, and black tea.

Additionally, we will also be offering Worldsmyths branded t-shirts and hoodies!

And of course, there’s the anthology itself – we are offering eBoooks, paperback copies of Darkness & Moonlight, limited hardback copies of Darkness & Moonlight, and a bundle package for both Myths, Legends & Dreams AND Darkness & Moonlight.

This campaign will allow us to cover the costs of publishing, in addition to stretch goals, such as offering author copies and higher editor and author pay.

If you are interested in contributing and helping us reach our goal, you can do so here. If you are unable to contribute but want to help in other ways, feel free to share the link on social media!

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eBook Preorder Available!

Exciting news!

Last night we submitted the anthology to Smashwords, and it is officially up for preorder! The eBookk will be released on October 9th, 2021! You can preorder it through Smashwords here.

We also submitted the anthology to Ingramsparks for print, which means we should be able to order the proof copies some time over the next few days!

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Preorder Shop is Live!

The preorder shop for ordering physical copies of the anthology is now open! The shop will only be open until September 30th, and then after that you’ll only be able to order eBooks. To preorder a physical copy, you can go here https://myths-legends-and-dreams-an-anthology.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders

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