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Written in the Wind – Fantastic Tales on the Power of Names

Anthology Name:
Theme: What’s in a name? Is it a simple collection of symbols and sounds, or something more? A name is one of the first things we are given in this world, and is the first thing we give to others. But names hold power. They can define and divide, unite and reimagine. A name can truly change your fate.

This collection of Fantasy short stories will explore names and the power they hold over us. Featuring stories from the Worldsmyths community, these tales will show you new worlds and open your mind to the power of names.

What We Are Looking For: Stories that make the heart sing and the coldest soul melt, stories with exciting characters that make us feel for them. See our previous anthology wherever books are sold to get an idea of what we like. NOTE – Please send your most polished work, stories that have a clear beginning, middle, and end, where something changes by the end of the piece.

Submission Period: Now to June 30th at 11:59pm EST

Length: 2000-5000 words (+/- 150 words)

Genre: Speculative fiction

Pay: $20USD/story
Rights: Exclusive right for a year, reprint right after
Delivery Method: These stories will be serialized and released on several sites before being bundled on Amazon
Reprints Accepted: Yes
Simultaneous Submissions: No
Who Can Submit: Anyone
Where to Submit: https://forms.gle/TbmdXH5LjahM9EgT8