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Bird-like aliens negotiating with a medieval king. A Dream doctor forced to decide between safety and revolution.

Dreams and Deceit is a brand new duo of stories from Nicole L. Soper Gorden and Freya Bell presented by Worldsmyths Publishing, free for subscribers to our newsletter.

The first story, by Soper Gorden, is called ‘Sing a Song of Sixpence’, and features bird-like aliens negotiating with a medieval king in order to secure an alliance. Their home world is under attack and the alien called Ren will do whatever it takes to secure the human’s aid.

The second story, by Bell, is called ‘The Oneirologist and the Thief’, and is about a doctor of Dreaming who gets roped into helping agents of the Empress extract a memory from a revolutionary. She must decide where her heart lies – Does she obey the Empress like a good citizen, or does she abandon all she knows to help bring her own world crashing down?

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