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Worldsmyths November Update

Did you know?
Worldsmyths Publishing is a Non-Profit! Our goal is to help upcoming writers grow their skills and business by providing a supportive, informative community. Members of our community, housed on Discord, get access to critique channels, author support services (help setting up your website, mailing list, etc), and several members-only publishing opportunities a year.
Worldsmyths Monthly Writing Challenge
Every month Worldsmyths posts prompts and challenges our members to write a story including at least one of them.

Want to participate? Join our Discord server to submit your story and earn points that can be used on our points store! Month: November
Sentence Prompts:

‘Each person has a fixed amount of luck in your life, and today’s events just used it all up.’
‘You would give anything to have a second chance at life, absolutely anything’
: Unreliable Narrator
Wild Card:
Empty Bottle
: @Rybrari on Twitter
Anthology Updates
Our publishing business is chugging along, and we have the following updates for you.

Seasons Unceasing – Line Editing Underway

The authors have been sent their line edits and have until November 15th to return them. After that our editor will proofread the manuscript, and we are that much closer to publication!

Submissions Open – Members-Only Publishing Opportunity

Join the Worldsmyths Discord server to gain access to the Sugar & Spice call for submissions. We are soliciting 3-5 stories each on the themes of platonic love, sweet romance, and spicy romance. 

ARC Readers Wanted
Watch our social media for the official call for Advanced Readers! We will be providing free eBook copies to reviewers in exchange for an honest review. Interested in participating? Reply to this email to get on the mailing list!
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