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Worldsmyths is an online fantasy writing group founded in 2016. First established as a forum, we now make our home on Discord, and serve as a group for speculative fiction writers, with a focus on the fantasy genre. 2021 is our fifth anniversary, and so we decided to present this anthology as a way of showcasing our fantastic community.

Allison Kelly writes fantasy as Ally Kelly. She founded Worldsmyths in 2016, after seeing a need for a writers group focused on the fantasy genre. She graduated with an Associates Degree in General Studies from Three Rivers Community College in 2012, and received an Associates Degree in Graphic Design from Three Rivers Community College in 2016. Ally currently works part time in retail, loves taking photos in her spare time, and is working toward self-publishing a fantasy trilogy, which she hopes to put out within the next few years. Ally lives with her kitten, Merlin, in eastern Connecticut. Worldsmyths has been a big part of her life, and she can’t wait to see what comes of this new publishing venture!

Elizabeth Hodgson writes fantasy under the pen name Freya Bell. She graduated with a BA in Philosophy, minor in English from Thompson Rivers University in 2012, and has been a moderator of Worldsmyths since 2018. Elizabeth enjoys learning more about the craft of writing, and works hard to improve every day. She lives with her husband, Garrett, cat (Rosie), and dog (Thorn) in Alberta Canada. She has taken charge of the publishing side of things at Worldsmyths and is looking forward to many more years of short story anthologies!