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To better support our members, we are now offering editing and book coaching services. Members of our Discord server get 25% off all services, see the #promos channel for more information.



$0.005 per word

Identify and correct SPaG issues (Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar). For books in the final stages of editing.


$0.006 per word

Copyediting involves searching for mechanical errors, errors in logic, redundancy, and disparities in language. Additionally, it guarantees the precision of facts, the flow of the text, and the coherence of the content.

Line Editing

$0.007 per word

A thorough analysis of your manuscript, examining each line to provide feedback and recommendations regarding sentence construction, word choice, sentence arrangement, mood, emotional resonance, tempo, coherence, unnecessary words and sentences, and various other aspects.

Developmental Editing/Book Coaching

$0.01 per word

Termed as substantive editing, developmental editing assesses your book comprehensively: encompassing plot, characters, themes, flow of the story/chapters/paragraphs, resonance with the target audience, readability, and other relevant factors.

All prices in USD

To book, email us at publishing@worldsmyths.com to get a quote.