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We’ve put this FAQ together to quickly answer the most common questions about the anthology we’re working to put together.  If you have a question that isn’t answered below, please e-mail us at or DM Ally or Penguin on the Worldsmyths server.

Q: When are submissions due?

A: Submissions are due no later than 11:59 pm EST March 31st, 2021.

Q: When will the anthology be published?
A: We are aiming for a Summer 2021 publish date (July or August), to coincide with our fifth anniversary in June.

Q: Is there a limit on length?

A: Yes.  Submissions should be no more than 15K words.  Shorter and longer stories are both welcome.

Q: What kind of story can I submit?
A: We are accepting all speculative fiction, so fantasy, sci-fi, urban, medieval, the sky’s the limit.  It should go without say, but your story cannot be overly graphic with sex, violence, or content that could put Worldsmyths in legal jeopardy of obscenity or other laws.

Q: Who can submit a story?
A: Only Members of Worldsmyths Discord Server may submit.  There are 12 slots for monthly winners of any monthly challenge and 12 slots for general submissions from the community.  Winners of a monthly challenge may submit two stories, however preference will be given to non-winners for the general submission slots so we can include as many people as possible.

Q: If I’m a winner of a monthly challenge, do I have to use the story I won with for my winner slot?
A: No.  You may submit any story you wish to have included as your entry for your winner slot.

Q: Will I keep the rights to my story?  Is this an exclusive contract?

A: You will absolutely retain all rights to your story for publication in any other format at any other time.  Worldsmyths will only ask for a non-exclusive anthology copyright which gives us a legal right to include your story in this anthology as well as possible future anthologies, reprints, and new editions.  This is a standard division of copyright law for anthologies.

Q: Will I be paid for my story?

A: At this time, Worldsmyths cannot afford to pay for submissions.  Consider your inclusion free advertising.  A future anthology may possibly offer financial compensation to entrants, but again, at this time, that is not something we can offer.

Q: How should I format my story?

A: Please ensure your story is in standard manuscript format.

Q: Where should I submit my story?

A: Submissions should be through the following google docs folder .  If you have any issues with submitting your story, please contact one of the persons named at the top of this FAQ.

Q: Do I need a bio?

A: Yes.  We are asking for 1 to 5 sentences about you that we can include in the anthology.  

Q: Can I add a link to my blog, website, social networking platform with my bio?

A: Yes, but only one link please.  We recommend your primary method of interacting with your readers.  

Q: Do I have to buy my own copy of the anthology?

A: No.  All contributors will be receiving a FREE copy of the final product in a digital format.