Myths, Legends & Dreams: A Fantasy and Sci Fi Short Story Collection


A fantasy and sci fi short story collection from Worldsmyths!



Follow a young thief as he is forced to choose between family and self preservation. Mazrael Serphant’s faith is put to the test when his prayers are answered by a most unlikely God.

An ancient dragon is forced into an alliance with a human, his most hated enemy. Can this pair learn to trust each other long enough to protect the dragon’s sacred tree?

Watch the God of Life and God of death as they argue over the souls of a battlefield. What will happen when their opposing forces clash?

Featuring 16 stories from a diverse international group of authors, Myths, Legends, & Dreams is the first book in the Worldsmyths Anthologies Collection of fantasy and science fiction short stories. Inside you will get to know the work of Ryan Gale, Michael Epanchin, Sean Kane, Allusir, Freya Bell, Ally Kelly, Emma Schouten, JC Farnham, Caitlin Donovan, CP Mills, Alex Harvey, Natalie J. Holden, Odessa Silver, and Nicole L. Soper Gorden.

If you like the anthologies of Ellen Datlow or George R.R. Martin, you are sure to enjoy the stories in this carefully curated collection.

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