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Myths, Legends & Dreams

Protective dragons. Conniving succubi, and desperate thieves. Fierce battles and talking marionettes. Inside the covers you will find stories with unique worldbuilding and gripping characters.

Myths, Legends, and Dreams is a Speculative Fiction anthology featuring the works of the members of the Worldsmyths writing community. Founded in 2016, we wanted to do something BIG to celebrate our fifth anniversary, and this anthology was born!

Sixteen stories feature fresh new ideas from budding authors. Inside you will get to know the work of Ryan Gale, Michael Epanchin, Sean Kane, Allusir, Freya Bell, Ally Kelly, Emma Schouten, JC Farnham, Caitlin Donovan, CP Mills, Alex Harvey, Natalie J. Holden, Odessa Silver, and Nicole L. Soper Gorden.