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Darkness and Moonlight: A Worldsmyths Anthology

Anthology Name: Darkness and Moonlight

Theme: Stories that take place at night and under the cover of darkness. Secret trysts and daring heists, Heinous murders and tender reunions. Stories that take place during darkest midnight and under the ethereal light of the moon.

What We Are Looking For: Stories that thrill and chill, stories with exciting characters that make us feel for them. See our previous anthology wherever books are sold to get an idea of what we like. NOTE – Please send your most polished work, stories that have a clear beginning, middle, and end, where something changes by the end of the piece.

Submission Period: Nov 1st to Jan 30th at 11:50pm EST

Length: 1000-8000 words

Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror

Pay: $20USD/story

Rights: Non-exclusive, reprint for a year

Reprints and Simultaneous Submissions Accepted: Yes

Who Can Submit: Members of the Worldsmyths Discord Server (Join here —> https://discord.gg/PaZSztkpat

Where to Submit: DM Penguinball or Ally on Discord or e-mail us at publishing@worldsmyths.com for further instruction